Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perfect weather, great wine, and Sandra Bullock

This weekend was one full of sunshine, sightseeing, wine, a nasty sinus infection, and Sandra Bullock. Although I spent most of the weekend within arm’s reach of Kleenex, Halls, and Nyquil, I somehow managed to have a great time even though I didn’t get to run or ride my bike. Instead we opted to do a little sightseeing. We drove the 7- mile loop that winds through Pace Bend Park at Lake Travis where unbeknownst to us we were driving in the midst of the PURE Austin Road Race on a closed-circuit course. Watching the riders and cheering spectators reminded me of the days when I was out there racing on such a beautiful day or officiating from the back of a motorcycle. Days when you’re really excited to be out there especially because your friends and family are able to cheer you on throughout the entire race.

I longed to be on my bicycle riding, not racing, the course. It was a perfect day and the perfect place to ride leisurely along the lake on the 7-mile loop stopping off to enjoy the view and the beautiful cliffs. We got off the main road and made our way down to the shoreline where we saw a few people fishing but for the most part we were out there alone. The scenery was really beautiful – the water was bright blue against the sandstone shores and cliffs. Afterwards, we packed up and headed to nearby Stone House Vineyard for a wine tasting. As we arrived, we saw a group on the patio laughing and talking over a bottle of wine. Inside, we sampled each of their wines and really enjoyed them. So much so that we bought a couple bottles of the Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc and the Claros and then sat on the patio enjoying the sunshine and the view of the vines. What a great ambiance. I can’t wait to come back and bring some friends.

So now you’re wondering – what about Sandra Bullock right? Well she lives here in Austin and even has a restaurant. On Saturday, Seth and I were running a few errands in South Austin where low and behold I saw Sandra coming out of a shop. She is gorgeous and very recognizable even though she was all incognito in her long-sleeved tee, big sunglasses and ponytail. I resisted the urge to gush all over her and instead played it "cool" as if I see celebrities all the time. (If only I had my camera!). Speaking of cameras, thanks for all your feedback. After evaluating all the recommendations and Consumer Reports, we chose the Canon PowerShot. Stay tuned for uploads!