Friday, March 20, 2009

Riding pretty (and safe)

Why not be fashionable and highly visible on your commute or traverse about town? Yesterday, Marcus at the Austin Bike Blog posted a pic of a highly visible commuter that he captured around town. The gent in the pic was riding a neon bike and wearing a matching neon safety vest. Although I applaud his efforts for safety, I think we can add a little style without sacrificing safety. For example, Old Navy has a huge selection of brilliant yellow tshirts, tanks, flip flops, cardigans, hoodies, bags, scarves and summer dresses - all at blow out prices. Safety never looked so good! Today I'm sporting the brightest cardigan ever. Rest assured, Austin revelers will be able to spot me from impressionable distances, day or night. Now, I wonder if they have that hoodie in my size? Guys, you can also get some sweet deals on yellow polos - but that's about it.