Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Safe Passing Bill Leaps Another Hurdle!

It is one step closer to being enacted into law and receiving quite a bit of news coverage in Austin. Yours truly was actually on the news last night albeit for a split second. See the video here and be on the lookout for me in the champagne scene. I pop in and out! Too bad I was out of the camera's view, if only I had known at the time ;-).

Now here's the update from BikeTexas on the bill's progress. We're almost there!

The Safe Passing Bill, SB 488, was passed yesterday by the Texas House under the steady hand and watchful eye of Representative Linda Harper-Brown\ (R-Irving).

SB 488 had previously passed the Senate and been sent to the House Transportation Committee. The Transportation Committee passed SB 488 with slightly different language than the Senate version.

Yesterday, it was passed by the full House. Now the bill will go to a House/Senate Conference Committee to reconcile the two versions of SB 488.

Representative Harper-Brown and Senator Rodney Ellis D-Houston are likely to co-chair the Conference Committee. After the Conference Committee the bill must pass the House and Senate again.

We will keep you updated with any new developments. This is a major milestone in the progress of the bill, but we are not out of the woods yet!