Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Training has begun

I still haven't decided whether I will train for the marathon or half-marathon but at least I'm training. It all started with a "placement run" on Saturday morning. Despite the early hour, it was still hot and it definitely affected my performance. I ran 2 miles in 19 minutes which is okay. However, I can't imagine maintaining that pace without injuring myself so I signed up for the 10min-11min group. Thankfully, the AustinFit training program builds mileage gradually with most runs during the week at only 20-30 minutes and the longest runs in cooler months. Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes along the trails at Barton Creek. I don't think trail running is in the program but I couldn't resist with the cooler temps and of course the scenery.

I saw this lovely flowering prickly pear cactus. Check out other beautiful flowering cacti at the Lady Bird Wildflower Center online. There are so many beautiful blooms! Who knew that cacti could be so beautiful and so prickly?