Monday, July 06, 2009

Beat the Austin heat at Barton Springs Pool

Ahhh.. There's nothing like taking a dip at the Barton Springs pool during these 100+ days here in Austin. The pool is fed from under ground springs and is on average 68 degrees year round. Yesterday we headed to the pool to escape the heat and had a great time. The water was sooooo cold! It took a while to get used to it but once we did, it was great. It was a lot of fun watching people diving from the dive board and doing flips, cannonballs, belly flops, faceplants, back flops, and of course the occasional near professional dives.

We also made our way to Reimer's Ranch and splashed around in the Pedernales River. It wasn't anywhere as close to refreshing as Barton Springs unless you dive down about 7 feet. Just about every other river, lake, and pool felt like tepid bath water. Barton Springs is definitely the place to be especially at $3 per person on weekends, $1 during the week, free before 9am.

The pool is located in Zilker Park near Town Lake and has greenbelt access which means it provides the perfect cooldown after a ride on the Greenbelt, run around town lake, concert at the park, or after a game of disc golf. Seth and I live on the greenbelt and can mountain bike there. Just bring your suit, sunscreen, towel and a float. They have dressing rooms, concessions, and lots of shade trees.