Sunday, July 19, 2009

Share the road, share the trail, and share the lane

I had a stellar swim workout last night at the pool. It's amazing how empty the gym is on a Saturday night. I was able to swim 800 in peace. Love it! Especially considering that most days I have to wait for a lane to open - although it's not as bad as what the folks at Deep Eddy are battling. See Pamela LeBlanc of FitCity's post about it here. Excellent post and great timing. With the soaring temps and several tris coming up so people are hitting the pool more frequently. I've definitely experienced the frustration of waiting for a lane at the pool and sharing a lane as well. Luckily, I've only had to share with one other person however I'm totally up for sharing with more if I can keep the pace of circling. I know how frustating it can be to share lanes with other swimmers, especially if you don't know them or if you're at different levels, but it's really not that difficult. I rest more than the faster experienced swimmers, so I feel okay with stopping at the wall and waiting until they pass me. Circling is also good practice if you're training for a triathlon. You must get used to others swimming in front of, around and behind you. You also have to get used to people passing you and hopefully you passing them. Also, as far as asking for permission, I rarely do that because people rarely ask me and I'm okay with that. I fully expect someone to drop in my lane if the other lanes are taken and if it's during peak pool hours. If you want the lane to yourself and aren't willing to share no matter what, then go to the pool during non-peak hours. A little good will goes a long way. Share the road, share the trail, and share your lane!

Sidenote, since I've started swimming again, I've noticed that my hair is becoming increasingly damaged and dry. The chlorine has finally taken its toll. Any good products out there?

I'm off to ride. I didn't get one in this morning because I had to watch TDF Stage 15. It was amazing! So now, I'm off to enjoy this fine weather. It's finally here.