Monday, July 20, 2009

Painful ride at Reimer's

Yesterday, Seth and I braved the temps after a lazy morning watching the Tour. Since it was quite cloudy, we headed out to Reimer's Ranch to check out trails we haven't been on before (they have 18 miles and different loops). We headed out on the Race Loop, then veered onto the Sport Loop and finally bailed out on the Beginner Loop. It just so happened that there were a lot of technical areas that I just didn't have the legs for. Note to self, do not go to Reimer's after having an intense swim workout the night before. My legs cried out within the first five minutes of riding but I pushed on hoping that they would warm up. Not so. I spent 40% of the time walking up technical climbs and lifting my bike over obstacles which sucks. I wish I were exaggerating. After a hard day of hiking my bike all over the place and a couple of new blisters, I'm realizing that it's time for a new pair of shoes. The Carnacs lasted a long time, years. I also had flat and saw a snake. :( :( :(

Amazingly enough, the ride did have its enjoyable moments (when I was actually riding). The trails are in great shape, there's fun descents, and the views were fantastic. The contrasting colors reminded me a bit of my trip to Zion National Park minus the mountains. I'm constantly impressed by the beauty of Central Texas.

Reimer's, I will be back with fresh legs and new (hopefully broken in) shoes.