Friday, July 24, 2009

Driver arrested for hitting cyclist in South Austin

Wow. This accident occurred near my place at the grocery store I shop at frequently. Apparently, the cyclist was struck from behind and the motorist fled after talking with the cyclist. Kudos to the cyclist, Ross Clurman for having the wherewithal despite his injuries to get the license plate and call the cops. The cops were able to act quickly and arrest the motorist for fleeing the scene. (not sure if it was the Sunset Valley or Austin cops). No word yet on whether the DA is going to press additional charges. Stay tuned. Many well wishes to Ross for a speedy recovery. Hope to see you riding soon!

Police: Driver charged after hit and run of cyclist
By Andrea Lorenz | Thursday, July 23, 2009, 04:54 PM
The Blotter, Blog, Austin Statesman

An Austin man, Gregory Feazell, was charged with failure to stop and render aid, a third-degree felony, after police say he hit a cyclist Tuesday evening on Brodie Lane near William Cannon Drive.

A witness told police the driver of a PT Cruiser hit a cyclist near the H-E-B at 6900 Brodie Lane. The cyclist flew over the top of the car and rolled onto the street, according to the arrest warrant.

Police say Feazell, 26, left the scene for a nearby apartment complex, where police found him. According to arrest documents, Feazell told police he had returned home to tell his mother what happened and that he had had no phone service at the scene of the crash.

The cyclist, Ross Clurman, told police he was within a few inches to the curb - as close as he could get - when he was hit. Clurman said the driver got out of his car and asked him if he was alright, according to police. Clurman responded, “What do you think?”

Clurman was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge with complaints of pain in his neck and back, according to the documents.

Fox News interviewed the cyclist:

And of course Velociped sounds off about what the cyclist should of done to make himself more visible. Basically, that the cyclist should have been riding in the middle of the lane (in accordance with the Tx Transportation Code) however it sure is easy to criticize when you live in Dallas and have never even seen nor ridden this road. I hate this road near Wm Cannon because of the narrow lanes, sewage drains that swoop down from the curb, and ending sidewalks/bike lanes. What's a cyclist to do? It doesn't matter where we ride - left, middle, right. Motorists are frustrated that we're even there and will attempt to pass us. We would all love to ride in the middle of the lane but we're not respected and we're given grief for "impeding traffic". This is where the Safe Passing Bill would have helped. Now as it is, motorists are only punished if they hit us.