Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One year and counting

It's official. I am now an Austinite. Although I have proudly touted that I've been one for much longer. I just celebrated my one year anniversary of living in Austin on Labor Day weekend. I still can't believe how much has happened in a year and how much I have really fallen in love with this city.

The people are sooo friendly and laid back. Although I grew up in Texas, I've spent most of my adulthood living in another state, the most recent being Massachusetts. The difference in attitudes and disposition is night and day. Upon first moving to Boston from Nashville, TN, I suffered a bit of culture shock because Bostonians are a bit stand-offish at first and everyone just "blends" into the crowd on street, the T, etc. Here, people are very approachable - you can't go anywhere without someone striking up a conversation with you or assisting you with whatever you need whether it's directions, opening a door or providing a jump if your car won't start. I like that. And after a year, I still haven't quite gotten used to it which is weird because I only lived in Boston for three years.

The riding here is amazing. A handful of trails within the city limits. I can mountain bike from my parking lot. Austin is by far the most bike-friendly and "fittest" city I have ever lived in. It's pretty amazing how many bike advocates there are in Austin as well as how committed the city is expanding bicycle facilities. And there are so many people training for something here - marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, cycling, you name it. Athletes are the norm here, not the exception.

And the food. oh the food! You can't beat a city that puts jalapenos or chiles in just about everything. Even Indian food!

And the music - the best festivals, venues, artists. Speaking of, Austin City Limits begins NEXT weekend. Do you have your 3-day passes? I've got mine!