Friday, October 09, 2009

The Grand Finale

It was hard to see ACL come to a close but wow what a grand finale. We arrived just in time to see the B-52s - always a treat - at the AMD stage. Up next was White Lies at Xbox 360 followed by Artic Monkeys and Ben Harper. All amazing performances. After Ben Harper, we along with thousands of others, made the trek through the sticky mud to Livestrong for the Pearl Jam show. I was really excited to see Pearl Jam and willing to stand on my sore muddy feet for 3 hours if I had to. We got a great spot fairly close to the stage. The mood was electric - you could just feel the excitement and anticipation coursing through the crowd. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! They came out and just killed it. Everyone around us was singing along - every word to every song. One of the best moments of the night is when Ben Harper joined them on stage and just rocked the dobro. And then Perry Farrell came out! Unbelievable. It was one helluva weekend of great music, mud, and rain. Good times. Can't wait til next year. Are you gonna be there?