Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Gabriel Park in Georgetown

I am totally digging the little town of Georgetown, Texas. The quaint town square, the lake, and San Gabriel Park. We headed over to Georgetown yesterday for a cookout and games with friends at San Gabriel Park . It was my first outing at the park and I immediately wished I had done a little research. If I had, I would have found out that there are over 9 miles of hike and bike trails at the park itself. These trails also connect with other trails in Georgetown. All day, I saw folks on their bikes. Over and over again, my mind drifted to Fireball, my poor neglected mountain bike. This park would be an excellent starting point to a long day on the mountain bike with friends and the family. Park, suit up, and warm up on the way to the the Goodwater Trail . Afterwards, finish up with a great meal prepared over an open pit. Almost as good as camping.