Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Congrats to Grease Monkey!

A local company started by cyclists, Grease Monkey, appeared on the Shark Tank show last week. I love the Shark Tank, partly because I consider myself an entrepreneur with my law practice and also because of my marketing and business background. I think the show is phenomenal. If any of you have ever gone into business, you know how much it costs and you've heard the feedback from banks and investors when you apply for startup costs. It's all about the numbers. Numbers that are difficult to come up with when you've never started a business before. I love the sharks insight and feedback although from time to time I get frustrated with them because they rarely take a risk and invest in any of the guests who appear. However, two of the sharks decided to take a leap and invest in Grease Monkey. I'm so excited for Tim and Erin! You can read about their experience here.

If you haven't tried Grease Monkey, you should. You should also try Action Wipes. They're not the same product although somewhat similar. Grease Monkey wipes are used for heavy duty cleaning such as wiping grease marks off your hands or legs from messing around with your bike. You can also use them to wipe down your chain and tools after riding. Action Wipes are great after a run or a ride and there's no time for a shower or no shower nearby. I love both products and endorse them both. I always have both in my bike bag, car, and Action Wipes in my gym bag. Congrats again Grease Monkey!