Thursday, January 28, 2010

On my Doorstep - Greenling Local Box

I'm so excited! There's lots of goodies in my Greenling Local Box this week!

Bibb Lettuce from Bluebonnet
Tomato from Village Farm
Cilantro and Green Shallots from Acaidan Family Farm
Turnips, Kohl Rabi and Tender Young Collard Greens from My Father's Farm
Portabella Mushrooms from Kitchen's Pride
Oranges from G&S Grove
Spinach and Yellow Onions from Naegelin
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese from Brazos Valley Cheese
Pizza dough from Little Bluestem Bakery
Love Puppies brownies.
Recipe included: Paccheri Pasta with Cauliflower and Spinach. Read their blog for more recipes and inspiration!

I'm a bit nervous about the collard greens, turnips, and kohl rabi but after the successes I enjoyed with the kale last week, I'm ready! So what did I do with all that food last week? We made a lemon meringue pie (lemons from the farmers market); a tasty potato/leek/onion soup; sauteed kale, spinach & white beans; and sauteed broccoli, pai choy and white beans. All very good and so easy to make (except the pie). I'm so in love with winter veggies right now.