Saturday, March 06, 2010

Taos, New Mexico

I have been wanting to visit Taos for quite some time to mountain bike, hike, and well just enjoy being in the mountains again. After watching the Winter Olympics and missing another New England winter, my husband suggested driving up to Taos to ski. So we did and had an amazing time. I learned to ski in New England so I'm used to ice, slush, and freezing temperatures. Upon arriving at the Taos Ski Valley, my husband warned me that skiing in western conditions was dreamlike. No ice, nice temps, and powder, sweet powder. My ski experiences were transformed in the first few seconds of skiing. The elevation was higher. The snow was like sugar. The trails were longer and less crowded. And the views were spectacular!

Stay tuned for more posts about Taos in the next couple of days - the food, the people, and art - there's so much to share.

PHOTO FROM MOUNTAIN MIST PHOTOGRAPHY, P.O. Box 745, Red River, NM 87558, 575.754.6635,