Saturday, March 02, 2013

Pieous and Argus Cidery in Dripping Springs

Today was a new adventure for us and Miss Ella. We love discovering new places especially if they're in our neighborhood! So, off we went to the one of the new pizza places, Pieous, which has been open for about a month and is a stone's throw from our home. My husband ordered the Pastrami plate and order the Rocket pizza which had prosciutto, arugula and fresh mozzarella. Both were amazing! I also loved the vibe. Chalkboard walls with cool art drawings. A wraparound bar around the pizza oven so you can watch the action. And it's family friendly. We'll be back for sure. After lunch, we headed down Fitzhugh dropped off some groceries and back out again. On our way to RR12 and downtown Dripping, we passed a sign that read "ARGUS CIDERY". We turned in of course and was excited to discover this sweet gem of a cidery that makes 'hard cider'. The owner gave us a tour and we tasted two of the featured ciders which were actually really good. I loved the decor - vintage sofa, farmhouse tables, big sliding doors, and a custom light fixture. The owners were there and behind the bar. It was great chatting about the experiences they had developing the ciders and opening the cider in Dripping. We're anxious to see more from them.