Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Direction

As many of you have probably realized, my blog has taken on a "new direction" as well as new name. Although I am still very passionate about cycling and mountain biking, my priorities have shifted since I became a mom and heck even before then. The last couple of years I have been struggling with health issues (a foot surgery, fertility issues) which have reduced my ability to ride as much as I'd like. I've missed it but as some of you know, when you're not healthy and not able to do what you love, you try to find something else to focus on. My focus has been on parenting my beautiful daughter and domestic hobbies like quilting and sewing. The goal is to strike a balance so that I can enjoy all that I love. I will continue to ride my bike as much as time allows with more of an emphasis of riding the trails and around the neighborhood with my daughter thanks to an bicycle car seat that allows Ella to ride in front of me on my bike. This blog will feature my continued exploration of parks, trails, and places, the Hill Country, Austin, creative projects, and my family.  All in an effort to achieve Balance, Fulfillment and Joy.