Monday, May 19, 2014

An Exercise in Patience

Apparently gardening is yet another exercise in patience.  So far the only plants that have really taken off are the black krim tomatoes and our strawberries which were planted in a separate pot.  We've been getting a lot of sun, rain, and garden visitors.  A couple of weeks ago, I chased off a rabbit who stole our strawberries (they were so cute!) and then our dogs killed a garden snake that apparently was lying in wait for the rabbit near the garden.  Unfortunately the snake got trapped in the netting that we installed to keep the rabbits out so he couldn't make a quick getaway when the dogs caught up to him.  

But I am happy about the tomatoes.  Both sets of tomato plants have fruit. We really need a rain barrel to carry us through the hotter months but of course, we think of it every time it rains and not in between.  We also need to install some supports for the tomato plants as the fruit is going to get very heavy. As for the rest of the plants and herbs, they're surviving.  Hopefully, they'll be producing very soon.