Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mission Accomplished

or rather the queen quilt that I sent off to the long arm quilter a couple of months ago.  I finished binding it by hand last weekend and worked on it on the drive down and back from Port Aransas.  I love it.  It's so colorful and looks beautiful in our bedroom. For those non-quilters out there, the blocks are square dance blocks.  There's a lot of fabric in this quilt which measures out to be around 99" x 108".  Most of the fabrics are from Amy Butler collections.  I tried to stay in the blue family with some red to give it some pop as our bedrooms walls are blue.  The binding (border that holds it together) is scrappy and is made from a collection of all the fabrics used in the quilt.  The back is a simple cotton material that is similar to a bed sheet but super soft.  I love how the scrappy binding stands out on the back.  It will be a while before I commit to another large scale project like this one.  This involved a lot of cutting and piecing which is difficult when I don't have a lot of "me time" these days.  I literally spent time on this quilt in 10-15 minute increments before Ella would come in and wreck my sewing room. Occasionally I would get a longer block of time if Ella was asleep or I could talk my sweetie into just a few hours.  Of course, I'm already working on another quilt for a special little someone who is arriving in September.  Pics to come.