Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Port Aransas

This past weekend we headed down to the Texas coast and stayed in a condo right on Mustang Island Beach.  The weather was perfect - sunny, windy, and in the high 70s.  This was Ella's first beach trip and our first time to the Port Aransas area.  It was such a delight watching her running down the beach chasing the waves and the birds. I couldn't help but reflect on my pre-baby beach days when I sunned on the beach, read a book and enjoyed a frosty beverage for hours and hours.  My how times have changed.  Our days on the beach were spent chasing the little one.  She could just run and run and run.  There was no "sunning" nor was there any reading.  My brother and his family also joined us.  Such a wonderful thing for Ella to experience playing on the beach and watching Frozen with her older cousin who knows all the words to Let it Go.  Ella has been singing "Go" and turning around in a circle like her cousin.  So sweet. Our vacation was short but filled with memories.  We can't wait to go back.