Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I Want for Myself

I took a day off from the challenge today.  We had plans for a splash party at a friend's house so I donned a pair of denim shorts and a striped shirt.  I'm saving the maxi skirt outfit for a date night.

This weekend I focused on finishing my "vision board". It's an exercise that helps you figure what you really want in your personal life, career, etc.  You go through magazines, newspapers and cut out words and pictures that appeal to you.  As you can see from my board, there's a lot of family and health related words and photos.  Apparently, my family and my health are the top priorities in my life.  However, I really don't do much for myself when it comes to working out.  I fantasize about running, riding my bike and swimming and of course, I'm not struggling in my fantasy.  I'm powerful.  I can do it all.  If only that were true.  I miss being in shape.  I miss the feeling of being able to run 5 miles easily, to ride my mountain bike without pain the next day and to swim easily without fighting for breath. But then I don't do these things because I know it's not going to feel good, it's going to hurt.  And I'm just to tired for that. I really need to dig deep and move forward.  I want to be here for Ella and I want to be a fun active mom not a couch potato. I need to do it.