Monday, June 23, 2014

Bright Day at the Office (and rainy too)

Today the challenge was to wear a white tee, denim shorts, sneakers, and a bright cardigan.  Of course, no denim or tee shirts at the office so I opted for hot pink cardy, white blouse with ruffle detail, navy slacks, and my Merrill wedges.  All of these items were in my closet long before the challenge. In fact, I consider this combination as my go to uniform year round.  I have several white blouses that I pair with a cardigans (I have many) and either slacks or skirt.  I wear this combo on my office days, CLEs and mediations. However, today the feature accessory should have been an umbrella as I got nearly soaked when I rushed to my afternoon client appointments.  Thank goodness for the umbrella or that white blouse would have been an embarrassing moment!!