Saturday, April 29, 2006

$100 & a pair of Clarks

Just got word that I'm going to be featured in an upcoming Clarks print ad as a Boston bike messenger. Ha!! Seriously! One of my cycling buds sent me an email that a friend of a friend was needing a BM and bystanders for their photo shoot on Tuesday and that they were willing to pay $100 + a free pair of Clarks. Who do I call to get the hookup?? So I called to see if I could just get a hookup and would be willing to do whatever. Stand on my head for $100. Come to find out they are in DIRE need of a BM so I said okay. I mean I'm not a full-time BM but I am trying to get my own biz started since I commute daily and this summer I will be in the Beacon Hill/Courthouse area. Might as well make some $$ if I can.

BTW, I am in total awe-worship of Boston BMs. They are wicked fast. Wicked fast. They catch me and blow me off the road on any given day. Fighting Boston traffic in New England weather ALL day long. Hero or Nutcase. One of the two or a little of both. It was pretty funny when I told the agent that I'm pretty normal looking student type - no tats, piercings, dreds - usually what ppl have in mind when discussing BMs. So if you want something more grungy or crunchy, you'll have to wait it out for the hardcore full-timers. She laughed and said I would be just fine. Then suggested wearing what I normally wear and bringing other stuff to change into. So now I have to think about what to wear? Sigh. Sneaks, jeans with the legs rolled up, tshirt, hoodie, helmet, sunglasses, bag, ipod. That's what I wear. They want variety. WTF? I guess I could bring another color tshirt, windbreaker, shorts, hat, fleece.

Anyway, this will be fun even though I'm in the FINALS crunch. My 1st one on Thursday. If I were really responsible, I would be planning to study during that time. I'm hoping that it won't take that long and I will bring my CrimLaw book with me. !@*#? too late now to back out.