Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well studying for the bar is turning out to be the greatest challenge of the summer thus far (surprise) especially since I'm living with my mom and sharing a car. Sharing a car in Texas is difficult because you have to drive everywhere and of course, since she lives in an area I'm not too familiar with, I have to factor in time for getting lost at least once a day. However, Mom to the rescue! She just bought a TomTom to help me with that particular issue! Anyway the days are very long with my day starting at 7am and ending at around 11pm. During that time, I'm trying to be productive by getting in a workout, typing up my outline, reviewing notes, taking practice tests, driving to Fort Worth (sitting in traffic for over an hour) to go to my night class and then making the excruciating 40min drive home where I get my one wind down hour of TV. It's an exhausting schedule and miserable. I'm away from my sweetie, pets, things, clothes, and community. I knew it was going to be hard but this is really hard. Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty sweet set up here but I do miss my space and sense of familiarity. My morning routine and coffee with Seth, cranberry muffins at the neighborhood bakery, a short T ride to class or the gym, and just plain being near Seth and my girls. I really miss them.

Plus, all of my friends are taking bars in other states - most of them Massachusetts so I miss having accountability and seeing ppl I know in class. My current classmates are tired, scared, and not up for chatting after a long day of studying or work which is fine. But, I was really hoping to find a study partner or rather an accountability partner. Of course, I still continue to commiserate with my best girlfriends via email, text messaging, phone calls, and voice mail. However, I'm on my own here. It's up to me to get the work done and to motivate myself to stay focused. Not easy when I would rather be doing anything else than studying. Keep your fingers crossed for me and please send good study habit karma. I need it. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm almost there and that it's temporary right?