Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh for the love of Fritos

This past week, I enjoyed myself immensely on the ATX WAR pub crawl in which we saluted the Blue Collar worker by touring Frank's, Deep Eddy's Cabaret, Doc's, and the Lustre Pearl. It was a great time. Most wore blue shirts with name tags. We began reminiscing over a bag of Fritos and pitcher of Lone Star at Deep Eddy's. Remember those Frito pies that were served at every sport's concession stand from little league to high school football on Friday nights? Remember that one mom and pop that served frito pie in the frito bag? One of my fave moments on the ride was sitting at Doc's and much to our surprise, someone in our crew actually ordered a frito pie! And it was served in a frito bag! No lie! And the person who ordered it was not sitting with us when we were reminiscing.

A couple of days later, Seth tipped his hat to the American-Statesman's Best Backyard Burger Chef, J.M. Smith and made the Eternity Burger for me. Angus beef, white cheddar, avocado, hatch chiles, cream cheese, spice, red onion and of course, CRUSHED FRITOS!! It was amazing!